PackGeek rip #29 | 1987 Fleer Basketball

It’s always fun opening old packs for the first time.  For example – I’ve never opened a pack of 1987 Fleer Basketball.  I once bought an entire box that turned out to be resealed, but that’s a story for another day.  So let me clarify, I’ve never opened a legitimate pack of 1987 Fleer Basketball…until this group of beauties.  Join me as we bust these open and look for the Jordan second year card!

PackGeek rip #28 | 1987 Donruss Baseball | w/ Josh Gobin

Check out the latest PackGeek rip #28, as the very funny Josh Gobin and I rip into some 1987 Donruss Baseball!

PackGeek T-Shirts Locked & Loaded

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PackGeek final


Pack Geek rip #27 | 1984 Donruss Baseball

Join me in ripping (even more) 1984 Donruss Baseball, in search of the elusive Don Mattingly rookie!

PackGeek rip #26 | 1986 Donruss Baseball | w/ Hilary Kennedy

Hello Friends!

I’m all about constant evolution here at PackGeek.  My goal is to bring you guys the most entertaining and well-produced pack-ripping videos possible.  I do this for you guys!  With that said, I’ve decided to up the stakes on the rip video format, and start to bring in some guest rippers.  This first guest is a favorite of mine, and while she’s easy on the eyes – she’s not always easy on the cards.  She’s also got a thing for Kirby Puckett’s rump!  I don’t know… Just watch the video, and please remember to subscribe to the PackGeek YouTube channel.  We’re trying to hit 1000 subscribers!

1975 Topps Mini Baseball Wax Packs

My favorite card ever is the 1975 Topps George Brett rookie. I’ve been obsessed with this card since I was a young collector. The ’75 Brett is also  #1 on the PackGeek Pull Goal list, and I’m trying to pull one today. Let’s rock!

PackGeek rip #24 – 1988 Fleer Basketball Wax Packs

Did someone say, “Scottie Pippen rookie”? Let’s go looking for one!!