1975 Topps Mini Baseball Wax Packs

My favorite card ever is the 1975 Topps George Brett rookie. I’ve been obsessed with this card since I was a young collector. The ’75 Brett is also  #1 on the PackGeek Pull Goal list, and I’m trying to pull one today. Let’s rock!

PackGeek rip #24 – 1988 Fleer Basketball Wax Packs

Did someone say, “Scottie Pippen rookie”? Let’s go looking for one!!

PackGeek rip #23 – 1984 Topps Football Rack Packs

By popular demand – we’re ripping some football product today!

PackGeek rip #22 – 1980 Topps Basketball Wax Packs

We’ve been pretty baseball heavy lately, so I thought it was time to mix it up a bit.  Join me in ripping some 1980 Topps Basketball wax packs – in search of what some may say is the single greatest basketball card in existence.


PackGeek rip #21 – 1979 Topps Rack Pack

While I wasn’t able to attend the National Sports Card Convention this year in Chicago, I was able to see some of the great items on display thanks to the various threads posted to the Collector’s Universe  message boards last week. The Baseball Card Exchange always has one of the most impressive booths at the show, full of anything and everything you could want in terms of unopened product.  So to celebrate the 2017 National Show…and the legendary BBCE booth… let’s rip some late 70s baseball, shall we…

PackGeek rip #20 – 1984 Donruss Baseball

In celebration of the 2017 National Sports Card Convention in Chicago – let’s tear into some 1984 Donruss wax and racks!

PackGeek rip #19 – 1978 Topps Baseball rack pack

Join me in cracking open a 1978 Topps Baseball rack pack – in search of an Eddie Murray rookie card!