The Geek Mission

PackGeek is a web series originally created to share my love for opening packs of sports cards from the past. The show has since evolved into much more than that.  Each episode of PackGeek is a hobby adventure, a poor man’s treasure hunt and a trip down memory lane.  We interview interesting people who have their own stories of collecting.  It’s all about the nostalgia and the good memories we’re able to relive or create through this hobby of ours.

My original pull goals remain in-tact (see below), and I hope to eventually be able to check all of those cards off my list.  Whether you’re a long time collector or new to the hobby, I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Pull Goals – while I plan to rip all sorts of packs, I do have my sights set on a few different collecting gems.

1. 1975 Topps (Mini or Regular issue) GEORGE BRETT – Growing up in Kansas, George Brett is my all time favorite baseball player, and I have yet to ever pull one of his rookie cards from a pack.

2. 1986 Fleer MICHAEL JORDAN – It’s an iconic card and the price of the ’86 Fleer BK packs do not make it an easy one to come by.

3. 1979 Topps or O-Pee-Chee WAYNE GRETZKY – I’ve never been a huge collector of Hockey cards, but who wouldn’t want to pull The Great One’s rookie card.

4. 1986 Topps JERRY RICE – The best wide receiver ever?  I’m not sure, but this is a card I have always wanted to pull.  I never bought any packs of ’86 Topps FB back in the day – but it’s never too late.  **PULLED** (watch rip #9)

5. Any MICKEY MANTLE regular issue card (1952-1969) – I know this is a lofty goal, but it’s good to have something to shoot for.  I don’t have any Mantles in my collection, and I want my first card of his to come fresh from a wax pack.  The sounds of cash registers ring out everywhere.  Let’s rip!