PackGeek ep #93 | 1993 Topps Finest Baseball | w/ Eric Norton of Beckett Media

It’s been a long time coming! We’ve had numerous requests for this product, and I’m excited to be breaking it with our buddy Eric Norton of Beckett Media and Fat Packs Podcast. Now let’s pop the top on some 1993 Topps Finest Baseball!

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Eric Norton & Jeff Hoferer Interview Gary Vee | 2019 National Sports Card Convention

Eric Norton (host of Fat Packs Podcast) and Jeff Hoferer (of PackGeek) had a chance to chat with Gary Vee at the 2019 National Sports Card Convention.

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Video Produced by: Occasionally Genius


PackGeek ep #51 | w/ Guests Eric & Eli Norton | Grandfather’s Treasure Box

Eric Norton, from the Fat Packs Podcast & Beckett Media, drops by with his son Eli – to open up a cool treasure box of cards that his late Grandfather left behind.

PackGeek ep #46 | w/ Guest Eric Norton | 1987 Topps Baseball

Our buddy, Eric Norton, from Beckett Media and the FatPacks Podcast – joins us to talk cards, movies and crack open some 1987 Topps Baseball. We’re looking for some sexy wood grain gems!