PackGeek Rip #13: 1980-81 O Pee Chee Hockey wax packs

Today, we’re ripping into five great looking wax packs of 1980-81 O Pee Chee Hockey, purchased from the Baseball Card Exchange.  The big hits from this issue consist of the Wayne Gretzky second year card, as well as rookie cards of Ray Bourque, Mark Messier and Mike Gartner.

PackGeek Rips #10-12: ’75, ’77 & ’79 Topps Baseball (racks)

Pack Rip #10: 1975 Topps Baseball rack pack

In search of Pull Goal #1 (George Brett rookie) –  I’m going to be tearing into a perfectly good rack pack of 1975 Topps Baseball.

Pack Rip #11: 1977 Topps Baseball rack pack

Looking to crack more ’77 racks – I scored this fantastic pack from the Baseball Card Exchange.

Pack Rip #12: (2) 1979 Topps Baseball rack packs

In search of the Wizard rookie – we’re cracking into two minty fresh racks of 1979 Topps Baseball.  Check out the video for possible Ozzie Smith sightings.

PackGeek Rip #9 – ’86 Topps Football (wax)

As a part of my most recent purchase from BBCE, I scored 10 packs of 1986 Topps Football in search of Pull Goal #4 – the Jerry Rice rookie card.  Arguably the best receiver of all time – who doesn’t want a high grade example of this classic card for their collection.  In addition to the Rice rookie, ’86 Topps FB also contains rookie cards of Steve Young, Reggie White, Bruce Smith and Andre Reed.  Let’s rip…

The Rips continue…

Just received a brand new lot of wax and racks from the Baseball Card Exchange.  I’m really excited about this groups of packs which contains 10 packs of ’86 Topps Football (in search of the Jerry Rice rookie), 1 rack of ’75 Topps Baseball, 1 rack of ’77 Topps Baseball (w/ a Bruce Sutter rookie showing) and 2 racks of ’79 Topps Baseball.  Stay tuned for the rip videos.

1985 Topps Baseball Vending box

Well, the vending box appeared to be searched.  Which is why people have to be really careful who you get your unopened material from.  I bought the box from a seller on eBay who I have not bought from before.

I will spare everyone the pain of watching a very uneventful 15 minute video and just post a scan of the only decent card that came out of the box.

My recent pick-ups…

I recently received a 1985 Topps vending box from an eBay dealer.  Vending can be kind of a crapshoot depending on the source and the conditions the box has been kept in.  This one looks pretty clean for the most part, but there’s only one real way to find out.  We’ll be hunting for some minty fresh goodness in the way of a USA Team McGuire, Puckett rookies or the PackGeek favorites – George Brett & Cal Ripken.

BTW – As far as I know this will be the first video of a vending break.  More to come.

PackGeek Rips #7-8: A parade of early 80′s grocery rack packs

PackGeek Rip #7 – 1982 & 1983 Donruss Baseball Grocery Rack Packs

In search of mint rookies such as Ripken, Boggs, Gywnn & Sandberg.

PackGeek Rip #8 – 1982, 1983 & 1984 Fleer Grocery Rack Packs

In search of mint rookies such as Ripken, Boggs, Gywnn, Sandberg & Mattingly.